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DIY Couples Halloween Costume

For Halloween a couple years ago, we brainstormed for what couples costume we could put together that might use elements that we already had or could easily thrift. My husband and I came up with the idea to go as Edgar Allen Poe & the Raven!

Here is a picture of the finished product:

I don’t have pictures of the process of creation, but I can at least list out the costume components in case you wanted to do something similar:

Edgar Allen Poe

  • Black suit

  • Already owned

  • Cheese cloth for neck tie/scarf

  • Found at a local craft store. Could probably find online for cheaper.

  • White dress shirt, preferably with a banded collar

  • Already owned

  • Black dress shoes

  • Already owned

  • Props:

  • Black walking cane or staff

  • Borrowed from a family member who collects period weapons and accessories

  • “The Raven” cover taped to old book

  • Writing quill

  • Found large feathers that looked like quills at a local craft store

The Raven

  • Black feather boa skirt

  • Created using 6-8 black feather boas safety pinned to a black belt

  • Found black boas at the dollar store (lucky find, I know!)

  • Safety pinned boas at different lengths to create hi-lo skirt effect

  • I wore black jean shorts underneath to cover my bases. Also, so that I had pockets.

  • Black feathered vest

  • Bought a cheap black women’s vest from the thrift store

  • Hot glued stiff black feathers around the collar & lapel of the vest

  • Black lace shirt

  • Found this at the thrift store. It had originally been a body suit, but I cut the bottom so it could be worn as a long-sleeved shirt

  • Black lace tights

  • Already owned

  • Knee high black boots

  • Already owned

  • Accessories:

  • Black nail polish

  • Black feather faux eyelashes

  • Found at a local craft store during Halloween. Could probably find online during off-season

  • Black feather wings

  • Found at a local craft store during Halloween. Could probably find online during off-season

Do you have any couples costumes that you are particularly proud of?

Please share in the comments below, and include pictures if you have them!


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