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jewelry organizers #repurposed

I have added to my jewelry collection over many years and it was overrunning my original jewelry organizer. I did some research for ways to repurpose other things to create jewelry organizers and I hit the thrift stores. I came away with some pretty, yet simple plates, an adorable teacup, a metal wire shelf, a small, vintage curtain rod, and several glass and gold containers. I tried to find like-items, ones with similar colors and designs (mainly gold and white).

I spray painted the candle holders and the metal wire shelf gold. I then glued the now-gold candle sticks and teacup to the plates to create a cascading, stacked effect. This tiered stand holds my bracelets and rings. I tied some twine I had to the the short side of the now-gold metal wire shelf and turned it into my earring holder. I attached twine to either end of the small curtain rod and that now holds my necklace collection. And last but not least, the glass and gold containers hold my hair accessories, lint rollers, and perfume.

I love making new things from items I find at the thrift store. It's nice knowing that these pretty items get a second life as jewelry organizers. What is your favorite repurposed thrift item you use daily?


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