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#DollarTreeHack Cord Keeper

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Now that our LO had become mobile, baby proofing was in full swing. I needed a way to get the power strip that housed all our chargers up off the floor and out of reach of little hands. I spent some time looking for ideas but didn't land on one that I liked. I wanted a way to keep all those charging cords in check, while at the same time making it look like an intentional decoration in my home.

I had a long, rectangular plastic basket I had picked up from my local Dollar Tree. It happened to be about the same length and width of my power strip. I cut a hole in one end large enough to slide the power strip inside the basket.

Next I cut up faux greenery and wove it into the sides of the basket. I placed it in such a way that it covered most of the top of the basket, which hid the power strip from sight.

Once the greenery was placed all around the top exterior of the basket, I heated up my glue gun and got to work. I began hot gluing rope around the bottom edge of the basket and worked my way up until the whole exterior of the plastic basket was covered in rope. I added hot glue on top of the trimmed ends to prevent fraying.

And here's the finished product! The power strip is inside with the charging cords attached. One thing I really like about it being open (yet obstructed) on the top is that it takes only seconds to "clean up" all the cords that come out throughout the day. I quickly coil the cords and tuck them alongside the power strip inside the basket. Yes, you can tell cords are inside when you get close. But visually people just gloss over it when in the room. And this has successfully deterred my LO from gaining access to the charging cables. At least for now ;-)

How have you tried to contain your charging cables? Any other tips & tricks for baby proofing you want to share? Comment below!


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